Haryana Formulations Pvt. Ltd. , a pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing house,  which has been established /raised during the year 1980  with its  location at 603/L, Model Town, Ludhiana under the aegis of Dr.Rajan Satija, Managing Director of HFPL . Majority of its products is being manufactured at HFPL Plant at Faridabad. From the last 15 years, it has proved to be a leading pharmaceutical marketing house with a wide range of 300 products especially in Dermatology, Surgery ,Paediatrics ,Psychiatry ,E.N.T ,Skin , Eye & Ear ,Food Products, Cosmetics, Medicines, Gynaecology, Orthopedics ,Cardiology etc.


The Company's plant is located at I-32, DLF, Industrial Area-1, FARIDABAD and well equipped with most modern and latest machinery. The plant is endowed with Blister Pack Machines, Rotary Machines, Coating Machines, Sealing and Labeling Machines, Quality Control, R & D Department headed by a team of Technocrats and skilled workers.


HFPL manufactures large range of Antibiotics, Enzymes, Vitamin, Tonics, Tablets and Capsules as also the range of Psychiatric Products. These products enjoy tremendous market goodwill and popularity. The product Manual and Glossary show the fame, image and reliability of HFPL maxim. HFPL adhers to meticulous and rigorous, quality control and consciousness at production level and each and every batch of product; is being tested accurately at our own laboratory before it is dispached to the market. This in turn ensures reliability, quality and performance of highest order, in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Our impressive list of clients including leading Distributors, Doctors, Government Organisations, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, who are repeatedly patronizing HFPL specialties. Some of the well known includes Railways, Defence, Electrical Board, P&T and so on. HFPL products are also marketed in Nepal, Ukraine, Venezuela besides throughout India.


Haryana Formulations Pvt. Ltd. Marketing Head Office is based at 603-L, Model Town, Ludhiana. The marketing operations are divided into four zones - North, East, West and South, led by Marketing Controller, Marketing Executives assisted by a team of Medical Representatives, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Managers. The Distribution network is extended throughout the length and breadth of the country and is being manned by State level Distributors and Main Stockists, to cater to the patients requirements at all time. 


It has been the constant endeavor at Haryana Formulations Pvt. Ltd. to support the efforts of the marketing team through the well-directed communication efforts. Regular advertisement in front line important Pharmaceutical Bulletins, Souvenirs etc., to explore the products before the needy patients through our patronizing Doctors at States, Regional and National level.

It has been the tradition with us to keep in touch with the latest techniques of sales promotion. The company always try to render valuable assistance to all Distributors and Customers promptly, so that they can avail "FASTEST AFTER SALES SERVICE" from the company.


The company has got membership with Indian Drug Manufacturers Association. In future very likely to have membership of other reputed Associations and Bodies to avail opportunity of their aims and objectives, performance and activities etc.


Since the inception of Haryana Formulations Pvt. Ltd., the company has come a long way to build a range of strong and quality products to earn a goodwill and excellent reputation in the Country/Upcountry/National and International level. Improvisation of the existing products, development of new products of various groups and ranges by way of Management philosophy and co-operative culture.

Haryana Formulations Pvt. Ltd. today has a full range of main products, latest and updated plant, quality control facility, sound production base (being a GMP holder), strong marketing outfit and extensive distribution channel; to cater successfully to the ever increasing and growing demand development and progress of our country.